Rockford on Motorcycle Market

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Rockford Fosgate said it may offer products specifically for the motorcycle audio market.

Rockford's motorcycle audio ampThe company unexpectedly entered the segment when it launched the small paperback-book sized PBR300X4 amp in June intended for the car audio market and found it became popular with motorcycle enthusiasts.

“It’s encouraging us to really look at the market and potentially develop other products for it in the future,” said Rockford’s Theresa Hephner.

The typical factory system installed on a motorcycle lacks an amplifier. It includes “a source unit and four speakers and since it’s not amplified, it’s hard to hear the speakers with the wind rushing past your head,” said Hephner.

Motorcycle audio is still considered a small niche at about one percent of the car audio market, but some say it may continue to expand for several years.

Once it became apparent that Rockford’s 300 watt by 4 amp was adorning a large number of “baggers,”, the company responded with this YouTube video on how to install it in a motorcycle.

Our guess is you’ll see a few more Harleys at the car electronics booths at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Source: CEoutlook

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