Blinder Updates M27 Jammer

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Blinder USA said its M27 laser jammer has been improved with a new software update that users can download.

Blinder M27 laser jammer gets updateThe M27 is a Danish manufactured jammer that detects a police laser gun aimed at your car and then jams the signal for 7 seconds (giving you time to slow down). The M27 gives you two transceivers that mount in the front of the car at a street price of $479. You see green LEDs when the system is armed and red LEDs when it detects a laser signal. You also get an audible alert.

With the 2.12 upgrade, the system is more sensitive to laser detection and more effective in jamming the signal, said Blinder. It may be downloaded at This is the third software update to the product since it was introduced about a year ago.

Source: Blinder USA

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