Livio Kit is Cheap Sirius XM Alternative?

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New Livio Kit for Internet Radio in CarCNET likens Livio Radio’s new Internet Radio Kit to a poor man’s replacement for Sirius XM. The Livio Kit is due in July for $99.99. Once it pairs with your cellphone and you buy a $5 app, you get a nice user interface to handle 45,000 Internet Radio stations streamed to your car’s sound system.  A key feature is preset buttons for favorite stations.

The Livio Kit sits on a stalk that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter. There’s USB port for phone charging and a mic for hands free calling.  When a call comes in, you press a button on the Kit to take the call. It was first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The Kit works with iPhone and Android phones.

See the CNET review here.

Source: CNET

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  1. Definitely needs an option for hardwire connection, or a 2nd SKU for wired installation. The real issue in my mind is, like Pandora and others, it relies on a 3G or better connection. This is more than a little problematic not just in metro areas, but also in rural and suburban areas as well. Let’s hope that we are not putting the cart before the horse AGAIN and releasing very cool technology before we can pull it off dependably.

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