Car Speakers of the Future Shown in Detroit

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Do we really need car speakers as we know them in new cars or will a simple exciter vibrating the car’s headliner do just as well?

The end of car speakers in new cars?If you rattle the headliner or door trims just so, you’ve got a speaker, especially if you combine it with Bongiovi Acoustics’ signal processing.

Johnson Controls and Bongiovi showed off such a system at the Detroit Auto Show last month.

The concept is not really new. Ford was ready to replace the door speakers in its 2005 Mustang, but the sound quality was lacking so they scraped the concept, Plastics News tells us. Click for video.

But by using Bongiovi’s digital signal processing, Johnson Controls says the audio is better than a car speaker and its 50 percent lighter.

Bongiovi tunes the system to match the interior of the car. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

Source: Plastics News

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  1. Upgrading a sound system via this method appears to be quite easy. The car in Detroit featured a 14-transducer system throughout all of the body panels, which provided incredible sound at a fraction of the cost of a traditional upgrade. This is definitely the car audio of the future.

  2. I meet bon when he stooped in to a shop I worked at and actually got the chance to sit in a car they tuned and watch him tweak it as well. He has been doing this for a long time and he blew my mind with the difference the tuning made.

  3. I’ve seen and heard this kind of concept done in glass, why not an interior… Being a auto interior guy, I would have to hear this myself. Can’t wait to be able to incorporate true high end audio in to the interior. Our audio department will be glad to see if they can pull this one off… Stitchcraft since 1978, always welcoming “The New”

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