Pioneer Launches Ads for Pandora

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Pioneer Electronics launched a new series of ads for its Pandora car radios.

The ads will run exclusively on the Pandora homepage and within the Pandora iPhone app.

The ad can appear in different versions targeted to the age of the user.  An 18 year old will see Pioneer’s $150 single CD player with Pandora, while a 40 year old listener might see the top-line navi head unit  AVIC-X930BT. The ads feature “Barry the audiophile” below:

The ad series launched on February 10 in time for the Verizon iPhone launch.

Pioneer says the campaign already has a high click through rate, and it’s outperforming other consumer electronics advertising on Pandora in clicks.

Source: Pioneer Electronics

Pioneer launches ad campaign for Pandora car radios
Scene from Pioneer's Pandora ads
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