Ford Doles Out $75 for Each MyFord Touch

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Ford announced this week it will give its auto dealers a $75 stipend for every vehicle sold with MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch, reports The Detroit Free Press.

Ford gives dealers $75 perk for each MyFord Touch SoldThe perk is designed to cover the costs that auto dealers are racking up in the time and energy required to demo the new touch screen and voice controlled MyFord Touch radio/electronics devices to consumers who sometimes find them challenging to operate.

You may remember, Consumer Reports said the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch were so complicated to operate it pulled its “recommend” rating for two Ford cars.

Dealers complained to the auto maker about the length of time it takes to demo the car stereo/electronics system to customers and Ford responded with the $75 allowance. Some dealers have hired technology specialists to do the training or they have invested in training their staff.

And….Ford is also giving dealers a $50 delivery allowance for every car sold with Sync.

By 2015, Ford plans to offer the MyFord Touch on 80 percent of its vehicles.

Source: The Detroit Free Press

Photo via Ford: The 2011 Ford Edge offers MyFord Touch

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  1. How COMFORTING to note that Ford is suffering from the same malady that afflicts those of us in the aftermarket; Cutting edge technology only creates great demand when it works, and works logically, easily, and intuitively. When engineers and manufacturers finally figure that out, we MAY have a shot at making consumers fall in love with what we do again.

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