Quad Core Tablets, Phones in 2nd Half

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Dual core tablets and smartphones are only recently shipping but quad core tablets versions are already on the way.

Nvidia announced a quad core Tegra chip this week, that should arrive in tablets this August and in smartphones in December, it said.

Some programs can run 5 times faster than on dual core products, as per the Phandroid video below. Web browsing is twice as fast, said PC World.

Full multi-threaded Xbox or PS3 games can run on a quad core tablet without being dumbed down, said the company. And the tablets can display 1440p video, supporting full Blu-Ray quality. Battery life also improves with the chips so that a tablet may run for 12 hours.

The quad core Nvidia chip is code-named Kal-El and was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Sony’s upcoming NGP gaming handheld will run on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

Source: PC World, Phandroid via YouTube

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