Car Audio “Make Better Sound” Campaign Launches

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Hey remember better sound? Demo or die? At CES, a grass roots campaign to promote HiFi sound will be launched by AudioControl, which hopes everyone in the industry will join in.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, AudioControl’s booth will offer free “Make Better Sound” lanyards to wear with your CES badge.

AudioControl launches Make Better Sound campaign at CES to promote HiFi audio“We don’t claim any rights to ‘Make Better Sound,’ we’d like it to get picked up by everybody. We’d like it to be used by everybody. If our dealers are talking about it and showing what’s possible, it would benefit us anyway,” said AudioControl’s Tom Walker.

A “Make Better Sound” Facebook page has been created to get the ball rolling.

Walker reminds everyone, “Great sounding car audio systems leave a lasting impression with their owners. Ultimately, happy customers show off their systems to their friends who in many cases become enthusiasts themselves.”

The lanyards will be offered in the North Hall at booth 2218.

Source: AudioControl

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  1. YES…we have an entire generation of consumers that think good sound comes out of those white, plastic earbuds and cheap multimedia speakers.

    Simple and to-the-point. Let’s get this ball rolling!


  2. Every journey starts with a few small steps….way to go Tom !
    The industry should gravitate to the call….
    ‘Make Better Sound’…..Pssst….pass it on !

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