Escort: 1st PND/Radar Detector Ships

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Escort started shipping the first radar detector to double as a true portable navigation device (PND), it said.

It’s Passport iQ combines a PND with a 5-inch color touch screen that shows maps and directions, with an Escort 9500ix radar detector.

You get voice guided, turn-by-turn directions just as in a PND.

The screen can flip from navigation map mode to radar detector mode. But you get radar alerts and audible directions in any mode.

The Passport iQ offers both radar and laser detection with red light and speed camera alerts at $649.95. You can also add a laser blocking system. For GPS it uses Navteq maps and offers lane guidance.

“Escort engineers were able to change the standard radar detector form by designing a radically new microwave antenna assembly,” said VP new product development Tim Coomer. “…we are the only manufacturer able to provide drivers the opportunity to combine the key technologies of radar and laser protection, GPS navigation and important driving information in a single package,” claimed VP marketing Dave Smidebush, adding, “These integrated benefits can’t be found in a PND, a smart phone, other portable devices or as an OEM option on new vehicles.”

In the future, Escort plans a model that adds optional Bluetooth and live traffic, possibly for Q1. It will also let users connect their phones for hands free calling.

Source: Escort

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  1. Yeah, True Jim, too bad cause I really cant wait to put my hands on one of those. I am sure it is a good piece. Us, in Canada, are definitely not getting it soon. We are still all waiting for the STi-R Plus lol

  2. Great more junk to throw up on the dash of a vehicle. Built in or go home! Jim you should know by now escourt is their own best friend and their dealerbase is just a means to an end until they can go completely consumer direct and knock us completly out of the loop.

  3. Seems that you could have the sensors (if you put one on the front and rear plate) communicate via BT at some point if they wanted to. Cool idea for sure.

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