Navigon GPS App is Super-Real

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Navigon released a new app that not only gives you directions on an Android phone (stored in the phone) but it also gives you “augmented reality” views of the street.

Aim your phone’s camera down the street and point-of-interest (POI) info pops up, overlaying a video stream of the block. Translation: you can actually see there’s a gas station a block away, or a Dunkin Donuts, or pizza. It’s a live view of POIs.

Navigon calls it “Reality Scanner,” and says it’s a first for Android.

The feature is part of Navigon’s MobileNavigator app that also gives you on-board turn-by-turn navigation so you get full GPS even when phone service is not available. (Android phones come with free off-board turn-by-turn navigation). You also get real time traffic updates generated by over a million drivers and warnings on red light and speed cameras.

MobileNavigator is available today in Android Market and Google Checkout for $39.99 on a 2 week special. The price will then increase to $59.99 (including live traffic updates).

Source: Navigon
Photo: Engadget

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  1. This by far is one of the best ideas, I think Mercedes is going to incorporate it in their CLS in 2013, instead of the heads up, or as part of the heads up, since most of the newer vehicles will be coming with the lane recognition camera like the new E and S Class

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