Audiobahn Returns Tomorrow

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As promised, Audiobahn officially re-enters the car audio market tomorrow, releasing a 2011 catalog and taking orders from dealers. An Audiobahn Web site will also go live, marking the brand’s return after 2 years.

One of the new products will include Audiobahn’s first low profile subwoofer—to be available in 10- and 12-inches– at $139 and $154 suggested retail prices. This particular model will not bear the company’s characteristic “flame” styling but many of its other products will.

As in the past, the company will rely heavily on lifestyle marketing and its new catalog will include photos of rapper Glasses Malone and other celebrities. “Right out of the gates, we inked promotional collaborations with rapper Glasses Malone, megastar Jason Ellis, DJ and radio personality PJ Butta, die-cast toy company Maisto International, as well as a wide array of other celebrities, athletes, musicians, models, clothing and apparel companies soon to-be-announced,” said a spokesman.

Since Audiobahn left the market in mid-2008, Investech Audio Group invested in the company and is now Audiobahn’s parent.

The supplier expects to make its formal debut at the SEMA show in November.

Source: Audiobahn

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  1. Another crappy chinese manufactured product that will sell to anyone with a tax ID. Audiobahn was an innovator in making good looking product with crap quality. I predict this new incarnation will go bankrupt just like the original company did.

  2. There signature flame is on every generic brand out there now. I predict they never make it to the status they once had before the china company manufacturing there product filed bankruptcy.

    Will see if they start flooding e-bay and second rate distributors.

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