Audiovox May Show 3D TV for Car at CES

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3DTV is already heading for TVs priced under $1,000; it’s in gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, notebook PCs, camcorders and may soon head to car electronics screens.

Audiovox is evaluating 3DTV for the car and expects to show at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, 3D car monitors that DO NOT require special glasses for viewing.

“Because 3D is getting so much attention in the home market– we look at anything that’s a trend in the way consumers watch TV—so we are evaluating some technology that allows you to have a 3D viewing experience on a small screen in a vehicle,” said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone. There is already technology available that would permit affordable 3D rear seat entertainment options without glasses, he said.

There are still some concerns about 3DTV’s effectiveness in a vehicle. Sun glare might wash out the TV image. And the 3D depth on a small screen may be minimal, said other suppliers.

But early reviews of the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS—using a 3.5 inch screen without the need for special glasses—are favorable. TechRadar said of the 3D quality on the 3DS; “It’s like you’re looking through a small window into a miniature world…. It was certainly the cleanest, clearest 3D we saw on the [E3] show floor, better than any of the 3D Sony Bravia sets we played PS3 games on.”

Audiovox isn’t offering details on planned pricing or screen size, and we’re not sure if it will offer a 3D Blu-ray player as well.

Source: CEoutlook (exclusive)

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  1. I can see it now. My 4 and 10 year old wearing glasses to watch TV in 3D.
    Yeah right.
    Good luck with that
    PS: 3D is no longer the latest teck.

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