Notion Ink iPad Rival Could Ship December

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The much anticipated Notion Ink Adam tablet—a possible rival to the iPad—may be available by the end of the year, pending FCC approval.

After some setbacks, Bangalore, India-based Notion Ink said the Adam, which impressed many bloggers at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and left Slash Gear nearly speechless in a product demo, may receive FCC certification by mid-November.

A recent company blog said four tablets may be expected including models with the highly advanced Pixel Qi screen (that flips between eReading mode/ and full color). The mix of models will include WiFi and/or 3G and will range in price from $400 to $500. Some models will have LCD rather than Pixel Qi screens.

The Adam’s Pixel Qi screen has two modes. With the backlight on, the screen looks and behaves like a standard color LCD. With the backlight off, the screen becomes a reflective ePaper display in black and white that works in sunlight. It is said to get even brighter as more sunlight pours on it. Plus it supports video (while E Ink does not). When in this latter reflective mode, the screen uses 80 percent less power so battery life is improved.

The Adam can also playback full 1080p high def video and it supports Flash, while the iPad plays back 720p and does not support Flash.

The device will run on Android with access to Android Market but will also use its own app/content store called Genesis, with eBooks, games, etc., said Slash Gear. It has a 10.1-inch screen with capacitive touch capability. It will come with a swivel camera, HDMI port, accelerometers and should have a battery life measurable in days or weeks, depending upon the usage. Final design was shown in the video below at Mobile World Congress in February.

Other features include a drawing pad app, and a backside trackpad (so you navigate with your fingers on the back and tap on icons on the front screen with your thumbs). Also included are 3 USB ports.

Video: arshidpandith’s Channel

Source: Notion Ink, Slash Gear

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