Elettromedia Adds Automated DSP Tuning

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Elettromedia adds automated DSP tuning

Elettromedia, maker of Hertz and Audison, is offering the next generation of its tuning software, bit Drive 2.0.

It includes a feature called Accordo that provides automatic tuning that is quick and consistent. Accordo is a proprietary algorithm developed by Audison to tune a car audio system automatically, “with great imaging performance, excellent phase alignment, and with the frequency response you select,” said an Elettromedia press announcement.

A multichannel upmixer is included with bit Drive 2.0, which can be used in conjunction with the existing channels to deliver simple center channel outputs or complex multichannel two-seat systems. An upmixer creates multichannel sound from two channels of stereo input.

The software also offers improved delay management, keyboard shortcuts, a target-curve editing tool, improved Input and Output system maps, and REW support. More information can be seen here.

Bit Drive 2.0 is compatible with all AF Forza bit amplifiers. Both the PC software and the compatible device firmware are free upgrades on the Audison website.

Bit Drive 2.0 also includes the tools to manage the new Audison Forza AF M1.7 bit amplifier’s EQ and bass processing features. The amplifier ships in a few weeks.

“The Accordo process uses a built-in Wizard to walk technicians through the steps”, said Kenneth Ward, International Technical Marketing Manager for Elettromedia.

The new software is a free download that became available Monday. The company is now offering training in the new software, it said.

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