Update on KICKER Warhorse

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Kicker Warhorse update

At the recent CMA Expo in Toronto, Canada, KICKER displayed its upcoming new Warhorse amplifiers, the most powerful conventional amplifier the company has produced to date, it said.

The two new Warhorse amps are designed for SPL competition with a super efficient design. They are the first revision of the original 10,000 watt Warhorse  competition amplifier that was discontinued around 2008.

A new 3,600 watt mono amp, WX3600.1 is due in June.  It should be accompanied with accessories including a magnetic mount diagnostic display to show real time status for voltage, temperature and more. It will be followed this summer by a second 250 watt x 4 Warhorse amplifier, WXA1000.4.

KICKER Director of Electrical Engineering Joe Hobart said the aim of the new amplifiers is “to be extremely reliable under intense use.”  He said, “…These and the new L7X line of subs have allowed the extensive engineering team here at Stillwater designs to have the opportunity to push the envelope on what is possible when the so-called gloves are taken off.”   

Retail price for the WXA3600.1 is expected at $1,099.99.  It uses a full bridge symmetrical PCB design allowing the amp to be more compact and produce more reliable power, said Kicker.  It is one ohm stable with dual 1/0 power and ground connections, 4 AWG speaker terminals, and quad microprocessor-controlled cooling fans. It has a Competition Mode button for gain matching multiple amplifiers.

The WXA3600.1 is expected to include accessories including a dedicated Bass Knob and  the new diagnostic display.  In addition to showing status update for voltage (including max hold for hi/lo), and amp temperature, the diagnostic display also  indicates power supply protection and speaker current overload.

Next in line, the WXA1000.4, is rated at 250×4 at four ohms and 450×4 at 2 ohms, this amp features 8 AWG speaker outputs.

More details on the amplifiers will be available close to shipping of the WXA3600.1 in June.

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