Audison Intros Advanced Sub Amp

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Audison Advanced Subwoofer Amplifier

Elettromedia’s Audison is shipping what it calls one of the most advanced subwoofer amplifiers to date.

The Audison Forza AF M1.7 bit is based on Audison’s new 1000 watt subwoofer amplifier  (M1D) but it adds 7 channels of digital signal processing (DSP).

Elettromedia’s Ken Ward said the amp is designed for three types of installations; “First, ‘Add-a-Sub’  installations where the subwoofer can be EQ’d and time and phase-aligned with the cabin speakers. Secondly, full DSP-managed systems where the 1.7 bit is also the system controller for non-DSP amplifiers, such as our Forza M6D or the new SR 6.600. Finally, the 1.7 bit can be paired with a Forza multichannel bit amplifier, supporting integration of up to 24 input channels.”

The Forza AF M1.7 bit DSP amplifier is rated at 600 watts RMS into 4 ohms, and 1200 watts into 1 ohm in addition to 1000 watts at 2 ohms.  Up to 12 input channels can be corrected, summed, and routed with the unit. It lets users compare and align each channel in amplitude, phase, and time before tuning the system. Bit Drive software also allows control over mixing and routing, and managing the bit processor’s six preamp outputs.

Other features include Audison proprietary processing: Dynamic Bass EQ and Bass Magnifier processing.  The M1.7 also supports Audison’s Bluetooth streaming receiver (B-CON) and optional DRC system controllers.


  • Up to 12 high-level input channels
  • Eight native input channels, four optional via F4IN card
  • Four high-voltage channels with 34V sensitivity
  • Any input or combination of inputs can be routed to any combination of outputs
  • 1200 watts RMS into 1Ω
  • Advanced DSP processor
  • Final Tuning EQ manages all 7 output channels simultaneously
  • e-RTA is “the most advanced input signal analysis on the market”
  • Dynamic Bass Boost
  • Bass Magnification Processing
  • DRC port for DRC AC and/or DRC CAN
  • ADC port for B-CON High Resolution Certified Bluetooth receiver (Full DA)
  • B-CON GO Smartphone App-controlled
  • Native High Resolution optical Toslink input
  • Optical F2O card with 2nd Toslink in, coaxial SPDIF in
  • Start/stop capable with EV-compatible 17V threshold
  • ART turn on
  • Compact design with excellent heat dissipation

The AF M1.7 is due in the US this summer at $1,650 MSRP.



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  1. A colleague and I where just discussing this idea the other day. Hopefully Canada gets it as fast as the US.

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