ZZ2 Wireless CarPlay For SYNC2 Vehicles

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ZZ2 Wireless CarPlay for older Ford, GM vehicles

ZZ2 just began shipping what it calls the only wireless CarPlay/Android Auto seamless kit for older Ford vehicles with SYNC2 infotainment systems.

It also recently began shipping a new version of its kit for older General Motors vehicles–the  ITZ-MYLINK, which adds wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, camera and  A/V interface.

The Ford ITZ-SYNC2 provides wireless CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for most Ford and Lincoln vehicles from model years 2011 to 2016. It uses the factory microphone so it does not require an external mic and it uses the factory Bluetooth so calls are echo-free.  Update–It does require that the radio be disassembled and a circuit board installed in the screen assembly. It then integrates with the factory touchscreen.

The ITZ-SYNC2 covers models including Ford F150 trucks, Mustangs, Explorers, Focus and Escapes.

Additionally,  ZZ2 officially launched the ITZ-MYLINK for GM vehicles, which will replace older hardware, improve connectivity, and streamline integration. Once again, it does not require an external mic and it uses factory Bluetooth. No aux connection is needed for audio.

“Like most of our other kits, the ITZ-SYNC2 and ITZ-MYLINK now incorporate all factory parts and features to integrate CarPlay and Android Auto, providing an improved user experience for the end user,” said Tiago Sperandio, VP of ZZ2.

Both units carry a three year warranty.


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  1. I’ve used ZZ2 units that requires a circuit board install and they work great! The labor is also very good. The dealer price list has a estimate time for install so the customer can be quoted properly, The install came in about 45 min less than the time charged!. Can’t wait to do another one.

  2. If anyone wants an OEM solution, We offer the factory authentic upgrade for 799 complete. It also takes the SYNC2 system and upgrades it to SYNC 3.4 with 2023-24 mapping and the latest 8″ HD panel.

  3. This is not unique, not revolutionary in any way shape or form all that creates a product that has to come back tower shops multiple times because it doesn’t work properly, can you imagine that I have to disassemble the screen at the board side of the screen with batch of ribbon cables, while at the same time managing not to breakribbon, cables, and most of our shops are not equipped with the equipment to do this installation even remotely. Everything that they sell without any regards for the industry just want to paddle low quality product. That’s why most of us never buy from them anything

  4. You must be kidding riding this article, this product requires you to fully disassemble the screen into into little pieces and add boards inside of the radiator that were never supposed to be there in the first place

    1. It’s not different than lockpick bits from back in the day.. While it does take some extra time and skill, disassembly of the OEM screen/ radios is generally within reason. It needs some small picks and spudger tools, but nothing ‘specialized’ like a heat bed for opening a phone and such. This seems a bit overblown.

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