Firstech Intros Secure Push-To-Start

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Firstech push to start security harness

Firstech, maker of Compustar and Drone Mobile, announced the release of a new security accessory for preventing theft in push-to-start vehicles.

The new SPTS-U harness stops “relay attacks,” a growing problem in some areas of the country including Chicago, said Firstech.  These attacks involve amplifying the factory key’s signal (ie from the car keys on a bench by the door in one’s home) to the vehicle to unlock the doors and drive the vehicle away.

Firstech’s new SPTS-U accessory (Secure Push-to-Start) blocks relay attacks by deactivating the push-to-start button until the driver is authenticated. Authentication can only be performed by disarming the alarm with a Firstech (Compustar) remote or the DroneMobile app.

Even if the thief steals the car key, he must have a Compustar remote or Drone Mobile app to turn on the ignition.

Overall, more than a million cars were stolen in 2022, the highest number since 2008, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Almost all push-to-start vehicles are vulnerable to a relay attack, said Firstech. But relay attacks, specifically, are not yet tracked in the US, said CBS News.

The SPTS-U is available in a 5-pack at an MSRP of $49.99.

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  1. We’ve been doing this with a hidden capacitive touch switch. Hide it behind a panel and touch it to close a relay on the starter wire.. press PTS, hold cap switch until it’s running, very nice.

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