Advanced Car Radio Tech From ATOTO

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ATOTO Enters US With Advanced Head Unit Features

ATOTO is a car audio supplier with advanced head unit features that has just opened up a headquarters in the US.

Its high tech features include a single add-on camera with 360 parking for some of its decks. It also offers a back up camera with streaming video of the road behind the car.

ATOTO also plans to add Chat GPT to its head units.

The company is currently adding distributors and dealers.  It also works with some manufacturers’ reps. It has two factories in China and produces its own products as well as OEM products for other companies.

ATOTO offers radios with up to 9- and 10-inch screens including vehicle specific models, but the car- and truck-specific models are currently sold out

Principals at the company include Michael Cai, General Manager and Kenji Kawaguchi, Director of Sales.

Kawaguchi said ATOTO will incorporate ChatGPT in its next product line so users can talk to the head unit to issue commands in normal speech. So, you might command it to raise the volume.  The company is also working on allowing ChatGPT to control features in the car via the CAN bus. This can include controlling windows and air conditioning.

Kawaguchi said, “We are incorporating the latest technology into our head units.  The reason we can do that first is we may be small, but we are lean…and we have our own factory.  We have everything in-house; we can move very quickly.”

The future radios will also have larger screens in 12- and 15-inch sizes, mainly in the universal line.

Some ATOTO radios also include gesture control.  Users can swipe left in the air to go back a track and right to go forward a track, for example.

At present ATOTO’s A8 flagship line and A7 line can work with its 360 parking camera (AC-HD03LR-N).  “With our algorithms we can realize that feature with just one camera and we have live view reverse video so you can check behind you,” said Cai.

The rear streaming camera (AC-HD02LR-N) works with all ATOTO radios.

The top of the line A8 models include 4G sim card slots for a full LTE connection.  ATOTO prices range from $300 to $599.  Vehicle specific models range from $600 to $700.

Other ATOTO products include amplifiers and accessories

Tech support is offered from the company’s Lake Forrest, CA headquarters with two employees devoted to support.

ATOTO products are sold through Amazon, Walmart and Costco.  The company said it is currently working with its rep firms and distributors to set a price protection policy.


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  1. These Atoto head units are top notch. I have various Atotos in 3 cars and hope to add a fourth to my van in February. The S8 series is my favorite, though the more basic 7 series has almost as many features and delivers the nice audio at a great price. These units work intuitively, consistently and sound great. The technology appears to be well ahead of Kenwood, Alpine etc. I am concerned that with a large dealer network the prices will go up, direct to consumer pricing and manufacterer personalized customer service will be a thing of the past. Then the competition will slowly squeeze Atoto out of the market. Today, Atoto is definitely the best value in car audio available. Keep up the good work, Atoto! Don’t let your competition drive you into obscurity. L

    1. Hello El,

      Thank you very much for your comment! Hearing such comments means a lot to us. We will start exhibiting showcasing our products at US trade shows from 2024 (the first one will be KnowledgeFest Las Vegas in February). You will hear more about us next year. Stay tuned!

  2. Being sold at Walmart and Amazon, It won’t be in my sold or installed in my shop.. If is truly such a hi tech unit it should be sold in specialty shops not Direct to Consumer!

    1. Hello Raymond, Thank you for your comment. My name is Kenji at ATOTO US operations. Yes, we agree with you! Since our brand was established in 2015, we’ve been mainly selling our products at Amazon. However, we’ve just started focusing working with dealers/distributors in North America. We actually set up our first new office in Southern California last month! This way, we can offer and provide better services to the dealers. Also, we will rigorously protect MAP all across channels so that no one will have unfair advantage.

      Our goal in 2024 is to expand our reach to as many dealers as possible in North American market. We hope that you will become one of our dealers in the future.

      We will also exhibit at Knowledge Fest Las Vegas in February. If you are coming to the show, we would like to welcome you at our booth.

      If you have any questions or request, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]. I will be more than happy to provide the information on our company as well as latest product lineups.


      ATOTO US Operations

      1. I will send you a email. Map pricing and service to dealers are very important. I have been in the industry for 39 years, being on the cutting edge is a great advantage.

  3. So…this company is going to do all the can bus r and d required to make this work on many vehicles ??? I will beleive it when i see it.

  4. This muddies the water for U.S. based brands that follow Apple and Google license requirements. Unfair trade practice….

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