SiriusXM Intros New App, Pricing

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SiriusXM launches new streaming app

Amidst star appearances by Howard Stern, Conan O’brien, James Corden, Kevin Hart, Kelly Clarkson, Andy Cohen, Shaggy, Maren Morris, Armani White, and Ashley Flowers, SiriusXM announced a new streaming app to debut on December 14 at a new low price of $9.99/month.

The new app is aimed at engaging a younger, more diverse audience.  SiriusXM also previewed a new in-car user interface, and it said it is researching new pricing and plans for the car.

CEO Jennifer Witz said SiriusXM already owns 25 percent of the audio market listening audience.  This is a Gen X and older demographic that grew up listening to radio in the car.  The company’s growth market is an additional 25 percent of the audio listening audience.  It is a younger, more diverse demographic that is fueled by fandom.  Together they represent 84 percent of the total audio spend.

To help reach this new audience SiriusXM will launch its largest ad campaign to date in 2024.  It also announced new partnerships to expand awareness.  Its service will be available at Hilton hotels as part of Hilton’s in-room app.  Also, SiriusXM content will be offered in Audible and Audible content will be included in SiriusXM.

Next generation SiriusXM in-car user interface.
Prototype next gen SiriusXM in-car user interface.

The new streaming app is designed to be easier to use, with more content recommendations.  It’s also easier to sign up for the app and create a user profile.  If the user starts skipping songs, the interface will automatically recommend different channels. See more specifics here.

In the future, SiriusXM will also revamp the in-car user interface adding some of the same features. More information on this will be available early next year, said the company.

SiriusXM also announced new channels by Kelly Clarkson, Shaggy, and Smokey Robinson. Additionally, 175 artists will act as Guest DJ’s on the service.



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  1. That is true about the demographic. My daughter’s trial period ended in her vehicle and she said she didn’t want it to be renewed. Saved me money not to pay for it!

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