BMW Will No Longer Charge Subscription Fees for Heated Seats

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BMW Stops Charging for Heated Seats

BMW told Autocar that it will no longer charge for functions such as heated seats.

BMW was asking $18 a month ($178) per year in the UK to activate the heated seats function. It charged similar amounts in other countries,  but not in the US, where people are more prone to expect those features.

BMW told Autocar that it will not charge for such functions in the future, but will continue to require subscriptions for more advanced features such as parking assistance and driving assistance.

See more at Autocar here.

Photo credit: BMW via Engadget

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  1. Think about this for a second. BMW built this feature into every car in a given trim level, which has a relatively small manufacturing cost. In many countries (not the US), only a certain percentage of buyers opt in for this feature.

    I think Ray hit the nail on the head, that the program cost more to administer than the revenue generated. Hopefully, it sends a message to the OEMs that this is a bad idea. But following the OEMs as I do, I think this paradigm will accelerate as cars become more connected.

  2. Keep it up y’all.. beat those OEMs into submission and get the point out that sub services don’t make money.

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