Two OEM Infotainment Updates

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Two new OEM Infotainment Updates

Mercedes-Benz and Tesla are offering updates to their infotainment systems.

Mercedes is rolling out new  features via an over-the-air update to 700,000 vehicles worldwide.

Starting this month, users of its MBUX system (2nd gen) get Dolby Atmos, as well as YouTube, and an upgrade to the front passenger’s individual screen with audio.

In the MBUX system, the front passenger has their own screen but until now, users had to listen to audio through headphones.  With the update, they can hear audio through the car’s sound system.

Drivers in the US, also get an app that has been offered to Mercedes owners overseas called NewsFlash for voice controlled updates on news, sports, etc.

Drivers who have the first generation MBUX system now get access to Google’s Place Details, which provides info such as business hours, ratings, photos and reviews for more than 200 million businesses and other locations.

Customers will be informed of the MBUX update (2.4) via the Update Wizard on their MBUX display or on the Mercedes me connect app.

The aftermarket is also moving towards over-the-air updates. As of March, Alpine has offered OTA updates for “bug” fixes and new features. It has updated the camera selector function and accessory control and it addressed a “bug” on certain head units.

Pioneer has also offered over-the-air updates for several years.

Tesla Model 3 Refresh

Tesla is the leader in OTA updates but it is finally giving its Model 3 a physical refresh.  Expected to ship shortly in the US, the new Model 3 will have a better sound system with up 17 speakers, dual subwoofers and dual amplifiers.

Speakers in Model 3 Refresh
Trunk speakers in Model 3 refresh

The base model gets nine speakers and a single sub and amp.  Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal are included, said TopGear.

It also moves up to a double wireless charging bed as in the Model S.

The touchscreen is the same size (15.4-inches) but the bezel is thinner so there’s more usable screen space. The screen is also brighter and more responsive. Bluetooth has improved and Wifi and PhoneKey also get longer range, reports Out of Spec Reviews.

The new Model 3  gets ambient lighting for the first time. A rear screen has been added to the back of the console for passengers in the back seat.

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Top photo: Mercedes updated MBUX system.

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