US Amps is Sold

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US Amps Sold

US Amplifiers has been purchased by a group that includes former TEAM US Amps competitors and new CEO Michael James.

US Amps’ original engineer Dirk Ecker will design several amplifiers for the company under the VLX line. James, a long time fan of US Amps, is also designing amplifiers.  The first of these should be available in September. All will follow US Amps’ original formula of Class AB design with very low total harmonic distortion and big power, said James.

In the past, James owned the four-store car audio chain MJ Customs in Cape Coral, FL. He was recruited to help with the purchase of US Amps because of his experience in car audio in Florida. Eventually, he took the helm.

Former US Amps owner Daniel Kim  could not be reached for comment.

US Amps amplifiers
Three of the new US Amps amplifiers due in September.

Two of the original TEAM US Amps members are in the company’s new management group.   The group includes Lloyd Hardy, CFO; Mike Skaggs VP Sales for US and Canada; and Ryan Bollens, West Coast Sales Manager. The latter two were TEAM US Amps members in the late 90s, early 2000s.

For his part, James said, “In the last six or seven months, I’ve learned how to build an amplifier from scratch.  I was a thermonuclear engineer in the navy so it came natural to me.   The three new designs to be released in September are our own design.  The build house agreed to build ours from scratch, which most builders [factories] don’t do.”

James talks reverently about the original USA Amps’ VLX400–a 44 inch amplifier. “It was one of the amps that made a difference in car audio history in my view. Even by today’s standards 44 inches is a monster of an amp.” He said he put it in one of his cars back in the day, and the car gained 3 decibels. “I was hooked.”

US Amplifiers was founded originally by Dirk Ecker and Jack Matheney around 1986. Kim purchased it in the mid 2000s, said James.  Kim also owns RE Audio and AudioCityUSA in CA, James said.

US Amps models shipping this Septembers are high current Class AB.  They include the USA-50HC rated at 1,000 watts RMS at 12 volts, the USA-100HC rated at 2,000 watts RMS and the USA-500HC rated at 5,000 watts RMS.  These are joined by a sound quality Class AB amp SQ442 that is one ohm stable and rated at 500 watts by 4.

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  1. I don’t give shit about dirty past dealings with ex employees. I want that audiophile amps that they have engineered and custom built. Finally someone to compete against and Give JL Audio a run for the money.

  2. I worked as an installer in the late 90’s for “Radio’s, Knob’s, Speaker’s and Thing’s” and met with the rep from USAmps a few times and I think he covered OZ Audio as well. USAmps meant a lot to me as it was one of the first high-end amp’s I was able to buy and I bought a 2000x, 4300x, 400, 150x and a 200 which I still have all but the 200 and the 150x. These amps were show stoppers for sure and knowing that Dirk is on this team along with all the others is nothing short of incredible! There isn’t any amp company I know of that is making a come back like this. I hope the best success to all of you!

  3. So glad to hear that US Amps is back in good hands. I was the rep in the US Amps glory days. I loved their tube amps as one of the best sounding car audio amps ever. I wish them all the best succsess.

  4. They cleared all that up in the bass dad interview, they have learned from the mistakes made! Cant wait for the relaunch shit is going to get crazy!

  5. There are no secrets here, I was asked questions by CE Magazine, which I answered. The statements you’re making are not factual, but I will take a moment to address them, even though we’ve addressed them publicly already.
    The original “engineer” of the group’s business ethics did not align with ours (Dr. C). He attempted to modify another company’s board and pass it off as ours. The rest of us found out at the same time the world did on Facebook. That is when my CFO and I took the helm. All of our designs are 100% proprietary and will always be. We were lied to as a company by one person who is no longer with us.
    We are not paying royalties, we 100% own everything US Amps, period. We did not attempt to take it, in the beginning, I applied for the (abandoned) IP through the USPTO after being ignored by everyone I contacted in an attempt to purchase the company. I speak to Daniel Kim a few times per week, he’s been a great help in our brand moving forward. If anyone should receive royalties, it should be Dirk Ecker, as a team we’ve discussed this and there would be no US Amps without him. If Dirk wants to be part of the company, our door is open, if he wants a piece of whichever amp he designs for us, that is an option as well. That’s a decision for he and Daniel to make.
    All of us involved with US Amps are all here for the passion of the brand. Our products will prove that. We are designing and engineering audiophile grade equipment, PERIOD.

  6. You forgot one part. They lied about the start. They lied in the beginning. And Facebook busted them on it with doctor c who was a lie. They wanted to take it at first. The proof is all on the internet. They are also paying royalties. I don’t know how I feel about this

    1. Well Mr. Ekroad we where all lied to and that also is on the internet so I know how I feel about it now im glad it happened or we would not be where we are today so please look up the rest of the story be making comments let that but you have a great day and hope to see you in the lanes with some of our new amplifiers.

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