MObridge DSP A2B Amp for Ford

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Mobridge DSP A2B amplifier for Ford

Press Release: The mObridge Ford A2B 8.1.1 Channel amplifier is the world’s first fully integrated DSP A2B aftermarket amplifier designed specifically for Ford vehicles. It allows for an unparalleled quick and easy install by combining a A2B digital interface and a high performance high fidelity audio amplifier into a single unit with a compact form factor, meaning it can directly swap out the factory amplifier in most compatible vehicles*.


The amplifier vastly improves on the factory amplifier as it is able to provide a fully-fledged 10 channel DSP running our latest generation DSP core and 9 channels of amplification, totalling 1150W RMS in combined power – more than enough for most aftermarket audio applications.


Channel output breakdown:

1 x 400W RMS @ 2 ohm

2 x 150W RMS @ 2 (130W @ 4ohm)

6 x 75W RMS @ 4 ohm

1 x 4V RMS pre-out (full-range, fully DSP-able)


The amplifier features top-of-the-line efficiency and clarity with D-Class technology, as well as advanced power supply management algorithms that vary the voltage rail depending on output requirements. This makes the amplifier highly resistant to overheating, while also allowing for passive cooling – meaning that no fan is required.


Because the amplifier’s input is A2B, the signal is kept digital right up to amplification, dramatically limiting signal loss from excess DAC/ADC conversions between an otherwise separate A2B digital interface and DSP/amplifier. The result of this is faithful audio reproduction, and exceptional audiophile clarity.


The amplifier has an unrivaled factory integration and feel – retaining volume, balance, fade, treble, bass, subwoofer control, EQ, etc. from the factory system. The factory input sources from the vehicle are also retained – chimes, telephone audio, navigation, and even PDC (parking beeps) – with added refinement via a gain adjustment feature.


Plug and play harnesses and mounting plates are available for some vehicles, in most cases all that is required from a stock vehicle is thicker gauge power cable to be run to the amp.


After installation, the amplifier can be easily tuned via our mObridge DSP Windows and macOS application. Once complete, the amplifier will provide a worthwhile, cost-effective upgrade to your customers in-vehicle experience. Basic tunes are also available and can ship pre-loaded for some vehicles with things time alignment, crossover and gains already configured!


To read more about the amp go here:


To read more about our latest generation DSP go here:


Dealer pricing available, email [email protected]


* Some vehicles may require additional wiring and/or mounting adapters.

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