ZZ2 Upgrades CarPlay Interfaces

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ZZ2 Upgrades CarPlay Interface

ZZ2 announced that it has upgraded its ZZPLAY CarPlay and Android Auto add-on kit software. It now allowis the end user to use the factory Bluetooth completely, eliminating the needs of the AUX port.

Users will be able to add CarPlay/Android Auto while still accessing OEM Bluetooth for all audio, music streaming, phone calls, navigation directions and Siri/Google voice responses, said ZZ2.

“Until now, all CarPlay and Android Auto solutions in the market used the factory AUX port to input audio,” said Tiago Sperandio.

“This release allows the driver to use the OEM Bluetooth (audio) source for all audio: music streaming, phone calls, NAV turn-by-turn directions and Siri/Google voice responses. It also allows the consumer to answer phone calls or place calls using any method they wish,” said Sperandio.


Additionally, the installer need not run an audio cable to the AUX port so installations are easier, said Sperandio.

New ZZPLAY kits are shipping with the new software and the software is compatible with earlier ZZPLAY kits. Dealers may contact ZZ2 to upgrade existing kits at 929-220-1212 or via email at [email protected]


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  1. The biggest advantage of this update is that it uses the OE bluetooth stream for all audio (Music, phone calls, NAV turn prompts and SIRI/VC responses), regardless of how you choose to use the CarPlay features. Answering calls from the steering wheel is no longer the required method for OE phone call-handling, nav turn-prompts are no longer lost (sometimes) and the volume level from source to source is more balanced resulting in better sound quality.

    Additionally, the end user may phone-dial out with whatever method they wish, and the OE bluetooth stream will handle the call resulting in a more seamless experience. End user also will be able to listen to factory FM/AM/SIRIUSXM and still get prompts from any NAV app from CarPlay/AA.

  2. External aux cables only really need to be ran for kits like toyota or older much applications and most kits pre-loom it in their harnessing anyways. So there is no manual connection. At least the kits we get from our company does. Thank you again. I appreciate your interaction

  3. Can I ask though what is the benefit of this if the kits give you an option to use the oem Bluetooth kit for calls even if you are in aux mode. If your in carplay mode, you’d have to use the steering wheel controls anyways since the screen is in carplay. Appreciate the quick response.

  4. This is not what wasn’t presented to CEoutlook. The factory bluetooth will handle all audio from our CarPlay kits, so you won’t need to be in AUX mode anymore.

  5. All aftermarket carplay kits do this. Each kit has the option to choose Bluetooth oem or the kit Bluetooth. It’s in the system set up menu under Factory settings

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