LinksWell Launches Demo Vehicle Tour

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LinksWell Demo Tour

Press Release: LinksWell, maker of large screened T-Style radios, is embarking on a nationwide tour with two new demo vehicles.

Both vehicles–a 2017 Ford F-150 and a 2021 Dodge Ram– are equipped with our all new T-Style XL radio.   This is our biggest and fastest radio yet with a 15.6-inch screen equipped with an on screen multifunction X Knob.  The vehicles also include one of our new 10 Channel DSP/amplifiers, powering a full KICKER speaker system.   Built into the truck beds is a display with our 10-inch double DIN and our 10-inch single DIN radios. Rydeen cameras are included to show off our multi cam interface as well.

“In the last 5 years of going to shows like KnowledgFest and SEMA, one of the most common comments made is, ‘I have seen pictures of these, but it’s a whole new level of impressive when you actually get to see it, and touch it.’ So with that, we figured the best way we could equip our reps was to get a couple trucks for them to drive into their dealers…” said Jonathan Detlefsen.

Our F-150 is already heading up the West Coast into Canada.  It will cross through Canada and come back down the US East Coast.  Once or Dodge Ram is ready to hit the road it will head south into Arizona and the across towards Texas then into the Midwest and East Coast.

Dealers interested in hosting the truck should contact their rep.

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