Sony Launches RIDEVU Streaming for Cars

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Called RIDEVU, it will allow streaming of hundreds of films and TV series from Sony Pictures.  The service was developed specifically for use in car infotainment systems.

Sony said RIDEVU can integrate into multiple screens in the car and on personal devices.  It will also include DTS audio and it can support up to 4K resolution.

Titles available to buy or rent on the platform will include Spider-Man: No Way Home, Bullet Train, Uncharted and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

The first auto maker to partner with RIDEVU is Vietnamese electric vehicle company  VinFast, which will launch the service this summer.

The in-car features for RIDEVU are listed as follows:

  • The simplest, most intuitive in-vehicle user experience
  • Multi-screen integration for both in-car screens and other personal devices
  • The most advanced video playback, allowing content to be streamed simultaneously on up to six different screens and devices or watched independently on each device
  • Timed content recommendations for shorter trips
  • Easy-to-access parental controls from the vehicle dashboard
  • Unique service controls for all screens (those built in vehicles and on mobile devices) through the center control panel
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Linux, among others, regardless of the connected device network
  • Smart network data management for continuous playback wherever you are

“With cars now equipped with the power and connectivity of modern computers, the potential for in-vehicle entertainment and services is virtually limitless,” said Pete Wood, Senior VP for Digital Dales and Distribution at Sony Pictures.

As for VinFast, it began US  EV sales in March and it plans to build a US assembly plant in North Carolina, with production starting in 2025.

Source: VinFast via Automotive News

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