High End Italian Brands Get New US Distributor

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Rep-Corps STEG

The US distributor for German Maestro, Rep-Corps, announced it will also now distribute the high end Italian brands STEG and AudioSystem in North America.

STEG, owned by GT Trading, offers digital signal processors (DSPs), direct fit and standard high end speakers and amplifiers, but it’s mostly known for amplifiers. The amp lineup includes options up to 40,000 watts RMS.

It also offers micro amps the width and length of a CD case.  Most of the amplifiers have regulated supplies. Amp prices range from about $600 to $20,000.

Also available is AudioSystem’s Twister line of amplifiers.

Both lines are made in Italy.  They offer a standard 3 year warranty when installed by an authorized retailer.  In the Americas, they work with brick and mortar dealers only and offer zero minimum free freight with an estimated delivery time of 4-6 days to retailers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

STEG was previously represented in the US by Wavtech.

Rep-Corps distributes German Maestro to about 20 dealers in the US, but with the launch of STEG/AudioSystem it plans an aggressive high end distribution push, as it now offers both amplifiers  and speakers (German Maestro is speakers only).

Ken Strzepka and his son Logan are the principals at Rep-Corps and they also own Audio Props, a high end car audio luxury audio shop, which recently relocated to Saint Stephen Church, VA.

Ken Strzepka said of GT Trading, “…Their commitment to quality and innovation in Europe and Asia is already very well established,” and he hopes to expand the products in North America.

Rep-Corps plans to launch a North American AudioSystem website in the coming weeks. The STEG website is https://stegaudio.com

Rep-Corps can be reached at [email protected]



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