Top Selling Aftermarket AV Deck

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Top Selling 10-inch Car Radio

Here are the best-selling car audio AV decks for the  recent 12 months, April 2022 through March 2023, according to Circana, formerly The NPD Group.

When examined by US dollar sales to consumers, Alpine’s ILXW650 with CarPlay/Android Auto is at the top of the chart. It is currently selling at $349 on  Viewed by unit sales, Pioneer’s DMH1770NEX topped the chart. It is a CarPlay/Android Auto deck at $300.

See the top sellers below:

Top 5 US in-dash multimedia AV head units in dollars (April 2022- March 2023):

  1. ILXW650                            Alpine
  2. DMH1770NEX                  Pioneer
  3. DMX4707S                        KENWOOD
  4. DMHW4660NEX             Pioneer
  5. BE7ACPC                           BOSS

Top 5 US  in-dash multimedia AV decks in unit sales (April 2022- March 2023):

  1. DMH1770NEX                  Pioneer
  2. BE7ACPC                           BOSS
  3. ILXW650                           Alpine
  4. DMX4707S                        KENWOOD
  5. XAVAX3200                      Sony

Source: Circana/Retail Tracking Service

In comparison with last year, for Q1 in 2022, the most popular deck in both units and dollars was the BOSS Audio BE7ACPC, which was shipping in better quantities than most of its competitors during a time of shortages due to the pandemic. But BOSS still remains a top 5 seller in both units and dollars as shown below.

The Alpine ILXW650 had also been the number one best seller in prior years.  In 2020 it topped the charts in both units and dollars, according to Circana.


Note: The NPD Group merged with Information Resources last year. The company changed its name to Circana this past March.


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  1. This whole list is a big oof. The only deck on this list I would sell a customer with any sort of confidences is the Sony ax3200 and I warn every customer that it’s slow. Double Din Entry level radio Carplay/AA radio’s are in a sad place.

    1. I’m with you wholeheartedly. We’ve been selling essentially only Sony at the sub $500 price point because of how cheap and slow and buggy the entry level units have become. Not that the AX3200 is without flaw, but it’s been by far the winner.. heck, just the fact that it fits in dash kits properly and all the other ones don’t is a big plus. Needs to be a huge reset in DIDN design.

  2. 1770 up on top of the list, big oof. That’s gotta be a lot of underwhelmed customers.

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