Massive Audio Switches to US Manufacturing

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Massive Audio

Massive Audio announced it will bring the manufacture of some subwoofers back to the US at its facility in  Commerce, CA.  It will start with its Race Ready Hippo subwoofers and then expand in about a month to Hippo and Summo subwoofer models in 10, 12 and 15 inch sizes.

Additionally, the company will switch to the use of many parts made in the US, starting with solder, glues and voice coils, and then broadening to speaker cones and other parts, it said.

Years ago, Massive Audio built subwoofers in the US, but changed to overseas suppliers about a decade ago.

The US Hippo subwoofers handle 2,000 watts RMS, with 3-inch voice coils in the 10, 12 and 15-inch models. The Hippo R series handles 3,000 watts RMS with 4-inch voice coils in 12 and 15 inch sizes.  US made Summo subwoofers will run from 10 to 15 inches with 3-inch voice coils.

Massive Audio also implemented new social media programs.  It now broadcasts live on Thursdays after 4:30 pm Pacific on TikTok and on its YouTube channel and on other social media platforms.

The company said it is looking for select dealers to partner with for social media content, including additional shows.

Ben Holt of Massive Audio said the company has tripled its key personnel in anticipation of releasing new products and growth this year.

In addition to manufacturing aftermarket products, Massive Audio is an OEM supplier to other brands and to Thaco Industries, a leading automotive OEM supplier, it said.



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  1. Matt

    You are evidently confused. Massive Audio has not raised pricing right before, during or after covid. Lol, Sundown just raised its price yet again. The sundown 2.5 inch coil 12 SA classic map is $269.99 and the GTX 124R with a 3″ coil Map is 209.99. Massive Audio Offers much more. Our GTX 124 with a 2.5 inch coil map is 149.99 These are facts not just words.

  2. Massive couldn’t afford to increase prices, they have already doubled in price since covid, and most of rhe product line is already priced to match much higher end car audio. If they were to increase the prices the would effectively run the business into the ground. Massive audio prices are already almost neck to neck with sundown audio prices. One of the largest audio companies in the country!

  3. Kudos to Massive for taking this step. I’m a 40+ year industry rep and I think this is great. More companies big and small need to take this step.

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