Correction: Remote Start Statistic

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To our readers, we wish to apologize for a factual error we have repeated a number of times.

The Consumer Technology Association, in a report in July 2021, said “Remote start and security will join telematics and ADAS as technological capabilities that appear in over 90% of vehicles sold.”

We erroneously reported that remote start is in 90 percent of new cars.

Based on a follow up inquiry, the CTA’s Rick Kowalski said the CTA does not have a specific vehicle penetration number for remote start but 15 percent of households report having a remote starter, as per the CTA’s 24th Annual Technology Ownership & Market Potential Study, published May 2022.

Two leading remote start industry members believe that figure to be closer to 20 percent. One said, “You’d be surprised how many people don’t have remote start.”

Again, we apologize for the error.





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