Harman’s Latest OEM Upgrade System

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Harman Ready on Demand

At CES HARMAN expanded on the systems it offers to car makers, allowing them to provide audio upgrades after the original car sale.

It showed a new software system that not only provides OEMs post-sale audio upgrades, but also enables the platform for consumers to pay for and order these.

Users may order “immersive” surround sound audio through a software update from the new Harman OEM platform called “Ready on Demand.”   Another upgrade option is for the car to be set to sound like a particular music hall, such as Boston’s Symphony Hall.  Or users can order a feature that lets them customize the engine noise of the car or purchase a communications package that allows the driver to speak on the phone while passengers in the back listen to music, each in private audio zones.

The new features can be unlocked by the consumer at any time throughout the life of the vehicle through an app.

“Today, when you purchase a vehicle, it’s not always possible to get every feature you may want right at the start,” said Armin Prommersberger, Senior Vice President of Product Management, HARMAN International. “…Ready on Demand transforms the traditional complex retrofit upgrade process for audio into something quick and easy for consumers, who can now create and customize their in-vehicle listening experience with just a few clicks.”


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