Best of CES in Transportation

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Cool Car Tech at CES 2023

Chosen as Engadget’s Best of CES winner in the category of transportation, the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept has a number of super advanced features including an integrated movie projector, and a Shadow Mode that teaches the truck to follow behind the owner when he’s out of the car.

This latter feature can be used say on construction sites or on farms so workers don’t have to keep jumping in and out of the car for short drives.

Best of CES in Transportation Ram 1500 RevolutionThe concept car also has AI assistants that can respond to voice commands not only from inside the car, but from outside the vehicle. Commands can include “close the windows, play music, take a picture” and “follow me–” referring to the feature above where the car literally follows the driver walking in front of it.

Then there’s the glass roof that has an electrochromatic panel whose tinting can be changed with a swipe.

The Ram concept has 28 inches of screen consisting of two full touch displays–one above the other.  The lower display can be removed for use elsewhere in the car (and can be shifted into three different positions).

The truck also has an exterior projector that serve as a mobile movie theater or to communicate information.

See a 15 minute Stellantis presentation of the Ram 1500 Revolution Concept at CES at DPCcars.

Source: Engadget, DPCcars, TechCrunch, Stellantis


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