OEM Highlights From CES

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Chrysler Future Cockpit

Based on the trends at CES, it seems exterior car paint is actually going electric and electroluminescent, at least for prototype vehicles.  (See VW brief below and BMW story here).

Another new feature seen in CES vehicle prototypes is a digital information bar on the front grill of the car that can display information to people around the car as seen in the prototype Sony Afeela and BMW i Vision Dee prototypes.

By the way, car makers, in their CES presentations, seem keen on creating ’emotional experiences’ with their future cars.  They even include that in the cars’ names; hence the Sony Afeela, based on the word “feel” and BMW i Vision Dee, where Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience.

Here are some of the highlights in vehicles shown at CES:



VW’s Moving Vents, Surprising Paint

Volkswagen showed off at CES a new ID7 electric vehicle, due in the US next year. The car was painted with camouflage electroluminescent paint that allowed different areas of the car to light up on demand.  It required 40 layers paint and wiring that added 70 pounds to the vehicle, so it might not be ready for every day driving.

The car was also notable for its heating and cooling vents that move according to voice commands from the user.  You can tell the car your hands are cold and the vents will redirect the air to your hands and heat up the steering wheel.

The HVAC system can also detect when the driver is approaching the car and begin to pre-cool or pre-heat the car cabin as needed.

The all electric ID7 (formerly called the ID Aero), will also feature a 15-inch infotainment screen.

Source: Automotive News

More Cars to Offer Gaming

Hyundai is expected to offer in-car gaming in the future as well as electric vehicle (EV) brand Polestar and Chinese car maker BYD. They join early pioneers in the field, Tesla and BMW.

Nvidia announced at CES a new cloud-based platform that lets car makers offer streaming games in WiFi connected vehicles. It may even work in moving cars if there’s a high enough bandwidth connection.

Nvidia’s platform is called GeForce Now.  It offers more than 1,000 titles from game makers including Steam, Electronic Arts app, Ubisoft Epic Games Store and GOG.com as well as free games from Fortnite and more.

In-car gaming can serve as a diversion when drivers charge their parked electric vehicles.

Source: TechCrunch

Chrysler’s Future Car Cabin

Chrysler offered its vision of the cockpit of the future in a vehicle with two 37.2 inch screens–one for the driver and one for the front passenger.  If the car is in self-drive mode, the screen will allow the driver to  participate in video calls, play games, sing karaoke or even create one’s own music.

Chrysler is also joining other car makers such as  Mercedes and Tesla in offering in-car productivity and entertainment apps to drivers. Such apps can link with your smart home and offer weather updates.

Chrysler has yet to offer an electric vehicle, but it said its first EV is due in 2025.  (See top photo).

Source: Car and Driver

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