BMW’s Color Changing Car

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BMW Color Changing Car

BMW’s latest concept car was shown in two versions at CES.

Both versions are called the BMW i Vision Dee (Digital Emotional Experience) but one offers a color changing exterior.

Last year, BMW’s concept car could change hues only within the gray family.  This year, it can switch between a full range of colors on different parts of the car’s body, all at once, including the wheels.

Color changing was also shown on a new Volkswagen model at CES.

BMW i Vision Dee HUD
BMW’s new HUD runs the width of the windshield and will be included in production vehicles.

The second version of the i Vision Dee focuses on the user interface of the car on both the inside and outside.  As we saw in the Sony Afeela concept car, there is a display panel on the front bumper. In BMW’s version, the display can show graphics, hues and even create something akin to facial expressions.

The i Vision Dee includes a heads up display (HUD) running the width of the front windshield, something which BMW said it plans to put into true production starting in 2025. In the concept car, images can also be projected onto the side window.

The car lets the user control how much content is shown on the HUD via a slider (sensors detect the finger sliding).  It’s called a Mixed Reality Slider, which can advance within four basic steps—driving info, infotainment info, Augmented Reality and then full Virtual Reality. The goal is to protect the driver from being overwhelmed with information.

With the i Vision Dee, drivers are greeted as they near the car with light and sound effects and graphics.

The car takes verbal commands and responds with a user interface that can show icons such as facial expressions.

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