Sony Car Gets Update

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Sony Afeela

At CES, Sony showed a new prototype of its car, now named Afeela.  The electric sedan, in a joint venture with Honda, has a delivery date for North America of spring 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno announced Sony will take preorders on the vehicle in 2025.

A media bar along the front of the car will offer information that is broadcast visually to people around the car.  It might read “charging” when the car is in charging mode, or it might show the temperature outside. Sony will be working with partners on finding new uses for the media bar, it said.

The vehicle uses 45 sensors and cameras. It has 360 degree sensing around the car and uses Honda safety technology. In-car cameras and sensors focus on the driver for safety.

For infotainment, Mizuno said Sony will “provide best in class entertainment. In addition to movies, games and music, we envision a new experience using our expertise in UX and UI …”

Sony is working with Epic Games, which produces Fortnite, to design interfaces for the Afeela, said CNN.  That technology is already used by General Motors in the Hummer EV.

The Verge said the Afeela will be competitively priced with vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and Audi.  Sony has said it will offer subscription services so drivers might be required to pay a monthly fee for certain features.

Sony is also working with Qualcomm for high speed computing in the Afeela.

See the CNET video here.

Source: CNET, The Verge, CNN

Photo: CNET

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