Tunes-N-Tint’s Movie Marketing

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Tunes N Tint Promotion

Tunes-N-Tint recently rented out a local movie theater for a special pre-release screening of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” in a clever marketing deal other retailers may want to note.

The store in Lakeland, FL teamed up with local Florida radio station  98.3 MAX, which promoted the Tunes N Tint giveaway movie screening, starting six weeks prior. Tunes-N- Tint pre-purchased all the tickets for the event (100 seats) plus popcorn and soda vouchers for each person.  The theater allows the pre-release of the movie under this arrangement for a total cost of about $2,500.

The tickets are given away via the radio station, which advertises the event with Tunes-N-Tint branding in the ads.  That’s about $6,500 worth of advertising.  The radio station, for its part, gets to give the tickets away, encouraging people to listen to their station.

“We get five ads a week for six weeks. Plus they send out newsletters and email blasts [featuring Tunes-N-Tint], so we’re heavily tied into the radio’s promotional cycle for six weeks,” said Tunes-N- Tint Owner Joe Cassity.

On the night of the event, the store sets up tables in front of the theater an hour before, where people pick up their tickets.   It gives away goody bags with coupons for Black Friday specials and gift cards (that must be redeemed within a limited time). The limited period for the gift cards helps to drive sales in the coming weeks, said Cassity.

The entire promotion raises awareness and creates good will for the store.

Cassity was a manager for movie theaters about 20 years ago, which helped foster the idea for the promotion.

The Wakanda Forever pre-screening was Tunes N Tint’s second such promotion, the first was for “Top Gun: Maverick.”

The success of the program is  in its promotional value and free advertising, said Cassity. “It’s more of a branding scenario with radio ads…We love the exposure. I can’t buy six weeks of radio advertising for $2,500.”

Tunes-N-Tint has scheduled two other movie tie-ins for 2023.

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  1. Great to see our local retailers doing great things and thinking outside the box, there just can’t be better branding than this!!

  2. Joe Cassity is a great local marketing wizard and I’m not surprised he came up with this. What a great value, too!

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