Mobile Solutions Holds Modern Fab 2.0

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Mobile Solutions Modern Fabrication

Press Release: TEMPE, AZ – Mobile Solutions held its revised in-person 2.0 version Modern Fab workshop class this past September 8-11, 2022. The intensely hands-on, sold out four-day training workshop had participants ranging from upholstery professionals to 12 volt technicians to custom car builders and fabricators. Even a mother and son upholstery shop team.


The September Modern Fab workshop featured metal fabrication, upholstery and sewing techniques, technology using automation like CNCs and Laser machines, as well as specialty electronic techniques which included coding integration and a micro controller for lighting systems and other switching applications. “We are training on next-level topics in these workshops and elevating all attendees’ skill sets and awareness of technology implementation,” said Schmitt.


Guest presenters included MasterTech Expo 2022 Build Off winner Rommel Medina (@audiofabricator), upholstery expert Wesley Cato of Anything Car Audio (@anything_audio_upholstery) and industry veteran Doug Dobson (@dobslob).


The Modern Fab 2.0 workshop’s training topics included:


Designing interior panels and trim elements with the sewing machine processes

  • Working from an initial design sketch or rendering
  • Sewing machines – what to look for, how to begin sewing
  • Patterning and stitching different types of seams
  • Using stitching details to add accents to a build


Metal fabrication techniques and skills

  • Jigging up metal framework for repeatability
  • Structural mounts for service-friendly designs
  • MIG and TIG welding techniques and best practices
  • Bending and cutting sheet metal for use in interior fabrication


Fabricating and implementing other unique trim and interior elements

  • Safety-focused 3D router techniques for incredible dimension with extreme efficiency
  • Accent lighting and layering for maximum visual impact
  • Time-saving techniques for unique using aluminum and plastic trim inserts
  • Comprehensive Arduino micro controller code programing for assignable LED lighting


Interior panel and trim finishing techniques

  • Pressed metal grilles/inserts
  • Shadow trim, paint tricks such as marbling, faux wood grain, etc.
  • Using wood-like veneers and other vinyl-wrap-based materials to emulate a design narrative
  • Secrets of finishing back sides on fabricated panels when removed for service


For questions or further information on Modern Fab training, please email Mobile Solutions at [email protected] or call 480 968-2074.



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