New Tesla Accessory From VOXX

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VOXX Tesla Gauge Bolt-On

With electric vehicle (EV) sales expected to triple by 2025, car audio suppliers are starting to offer aftermarket add-on accessories for Tesla vehicles.

VOXX launched this month an accessory for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It is a bolt-on DIY gauge system, that sits within the driver’s line of sight on the steering wheel. The Models 3 and Y lack independent gauges, forcing  the driver to otherwise glance sideways to view readouts on the main infotainment screen.

The VOXX TDD1.0 bolt-on gauge system is for people who want more traditional gauges directly in their line of view. It is designed for the 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 and 2020 -2022 Model Y.  It can be self-installed and it carries a suggested retail price of $599.99.

The TDD1.0 shows speed, speed limit, charge level, range, gear status, left/right turn signal indicators, and high/low beam lights, with selectable themes in how the data is presented.

VOXX says that dealers will see many new accessories for Teslas and EVs as these vehicles begin to take a greater share of the market.

“Our business has always and is still primarily catering to moving vehicles that operate on combustion engines with 12v electrical system.  Now that EVs are really starting to proliferate, we have to find out what can be added that the makers left out …and seize those opportunities just like we have for almost 60 years. VOXX has its sites aimed at the evolution of the EV vehicle,” said Joe Caltabiano VP Vehicle Entertainment for VOXX Electronics.

Startup 12 volt supplier RDV Automotive Technology, led by Rich De Sclafani,  is also offering an accessory for the Model 3 and Model Y, as we reported here. It’s an 8-inch screen that sits on the dash where the gauge cluster normally would be located and it also provides wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto.

RDV’s Digital Instrument Cluster shows information including speed, battery life (amount of charge remaining), mileage, and indicators (lights, turn signals, seat belt).


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