First of its Kind Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Kit for Tesla

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RDV Wireless CarPlay Tesla Screen

RDV Automotive Technology, the start up interface company led by Rich De Sclafani, announced one of the first wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto aftermarket solutions for Tesla vehicles. Tesla remains one of the only automakers that does not include CarPlay/Android Auto in any of its infotainment systems.

The new interface is a touch screen that works with Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.  The 8-inch screen is designed to sit where an instrument cluster would typically lie. “The Model 3 and Model Y do not come with instrument clusters.  There’s no screen that you would normally view in front of the steering wheel. You are used to having your speed and other information in front of you and there’s nothing there. You are forced to look at the right every time [to the factory infotainment screen],” said De Scalfani.

RDV is essentially providing a Digital Instrument Cluster screen for the Model 3 and Model Y. In addition to wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, it shows gauge cluster information including speed, battery life (amount of charge remaining), mileage, and indicators (lights, turn signals, seat belt).  It comes with a 3-year warranty. Contact RDV for pricing.



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  1. Few other brands on the market have something similar. Issues I have heard from customer is the A/C is blocked. On those vehicles the A/C is across the dash from right to left.

  2. Uh oh ! Elon and his Musketeers will not be happy !
    “You have modified the vehicle beyond factory specifications with a product we did not make an enormous profit on therefore VEHICLE WARRANTY VOID ! “

    1. But how are you supposed to become the richest person in the world unless you monopolize your product and service of, and overcharge for all of it?!

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