Leading Retailer Enters Custom Sub Boxes

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Kuztom Boxes Subwoofer Enclosures

An owner of The Stereo Shop (formerly JM Kuztomz), one of the leading car audio retailers in the Dallas area, has launched a separate company that is manufacturing US-made subwoofer boxes, including custom models and boxes in unique configurations.

Julio Murillo, launched KUZTOM Boxes, which after two months in operation in Garland, TX, is producing 400 to 500 boxes a month.

Kuztom Boxes

These include quadruple boxes that fit four woofers under the seat of trucks and boxes that can accommodate four, square, 8-inch Kicker L7 subwoofers.

Murillo began making his own boxes during the pandemic because he didn’t like the audio quality of off the shelf models.  Imran Mirza of Car Audio Distributors, a distributor for KUZTOM Boxes said, “He does 20 to 30 installs a day [at The Stereo Shop] and didn’t like the sound. He started making his own and people from outside of Dallas started calling him.  That’s what gave him the idea. People were driving from all over the country to have his boxes.  He averages five installs a week coming from out of town: New York, Las Vegas, Florida…”

KUZTOM boxes are tuned at around 30 to 34 HZ, where many other pre-fab subwoofer enclosures are tuned higher, Mirza said.

NavToolKUZTOM boxes can carry street prices of $299 (for a box for four 8-inch subwoofers, non-loaded), with solid margins for dealers, said Mirza.

Vehicle specific models are available for vehicles from GMC/Chevy, Ram, Ford, and Toyota.  The company also manufactures factory fit OEM amp racks, speaker adapters and other installation accessories. In the future, KUZTOM hopes to offer marine enclosures.

Banda car stereo amplifiersBoxes can also be made to order.

KUZTOM is currently looking for distributors around the country.

Murillo co-owns The Stereo Shop with partner Edgar Cruz.  The store has been in business for over 20 years and has a strong following on social media with about 250,000 Facebook followers.  It has been sited as a model shop by Alpine and a leading retailer for Kicker and Nemesis.




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