Brazilian Amp Maker You May Not Know

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Banda Pushes Into US Market

Banda AudioParts is a Brazilian amplifier company which claims to offer the highest RMS-rated full range 4-channel amplifier available in the US.

The 20-year old company says it was the first in Brazil to produce a high power class D amplifier.  It is now making a push into the US market with several lines of amplifiers that offer a 90-day over the counter exchange.

Banda first appeared in the US  in 2013, showing up at dB Drag Racing SPL competitions. It believes now is a good time to reintroduce its line in the US, given the current supply problems on amplifiers from China.  Banda also has a new owner and new financing as well as a new US master distributor, Thunderball Marketing, NJ.

Lines include the Elite series of  4-channel amplifiers with power output from 800 to 4,000 watts RMS. The amplifiers offer selectable crossovers, and come in 1 and 2 ohm models in four colors.

Next year Banda will offer a new “Dynamic Power” line of downsized amplifiers with built in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including palm-sized models suitable for motorcycles and powersports vehicles.

“We are integrating all of our expertise in Class D amplifiers with the largest audio processor (DSP) manufacturer in Brazil to provide the best experience in power and audio control for the market,” said Atos Reis, Banda owner.

Banda was founded by two Brothers, José Carlos dos Reis and Márcio Dias dos Reis, in 1999.  As a family company, the children worked at the business as well.  After 14 years, José Carlos’ three sons left the company and started Expert Electronics. Seven years later, and with Marcio`s departure from the company, Expert merged with Banda, and the new owners injected more financing and quality controls into the company.

Other Banda lines include a Viking series of monoblock amplifiers rated at 5,000 to 15,000 watts. They come in 1 or 2 ohm impedance levels and feature high pass and low pass filters and adjustable Bass Booster, with a frequency response from 20 to 5KHz (5k and 8k models) and 20Hz to 3KHz (15k model).

Banda’s Electra Bass Line includes monoblock subwoofer amplifiers with power ratings between 3,000 and 12,000 watts RMS.  They offer four  impedance options from 0.5 to 4 ohms, high pass and low pass filters, and adjustable Bass Boost. Frequency response is from 20Hz  to 500Hz.

Banda’s  Ice X Line includes both full range and monoblock amplifiers with power ratings from 800 to 3000 watts RMS. They offer three impedance options from 1 to 4 ohms. Frequency response is from 20Hz to 20 Khz.

The Beat Line of low cost full range amplifiers come in 1 to 4 channels. Power ratings are from 800 to 3000 watts RMS and impedance from 1 to 4 ohms.

For more information email Joe Levy at Thunderball Marketing at [email protected]

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