Alpine Says TX Store is Great Example

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The Stereo Shop

Press Release: Alpine Electronics applauded, in a press statement, the example of Texas retailer The Stereo Shop, for its approach to handling the current pandemic.

The Stereo Shop owner Julio Murillo shut down the store early in the pandemic for a few weeks and during that time, updated displays including four Alpine displays, painted the shop, and fixed up the bays.

Alpine said The Stereo Shop spent $12,000 on the upgrades. When it reopened around April 1, the store, which has an exemption from closing as it sells wheels and tires, saw an immediate impact from its upgrades.

We called Murillo who confirmed that sales have been very strong, and in fact, the shop began seeing product shortages as of last week. It sold three Halo 9 radios on the first day the shop opened, which is well above the norm for the store, said Murillo’s Alpine rep rep Mark Sartain.

Under its previous name, JMKuztomz, the store has 35,000 followers on Facebook. It posts about its installs as many as 10 times a day and Murillo believes half of its walk-ins come from Facebook.  But Murillo recently changed the way he posts on social media. Instead of posting a product, or taking a picture of the box, he started to show pictures of completed installation jobs, highlighting the features of each product. The shop now receives more inquiries from its Facebook page.

“When the customer can see the head unit and speakers installed in the car, they can relate to the product because they might have the same car,” Murillo said.

His advice to fellow mobile electronics retailers would be to stay safe and offer drop-off services for customers, making sure that every car is cleaned before returned. If possible, he suggested investing in loaner cars to provide to customers

“Our shop has three loaner cars for customers to use during installation,” said Murillo. “That way, there is no pressure for the customer waiting to get their car back.”

He also urges others to increase their social media presence, as people are on social media more than ever before.

Alpine encourages its Authorized Dealers to reach out if they need assistance before or during the process of reopening, it said.

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