You Asked: More Alpine Halo/Jeep Radio Details

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Alpine Ships New Halo Car Radios

Here are some additional facts on Alpine’s new Halo 9- and 11-inch floating radios and new Jeep Hi-Res receivers shipping February.

In response to a comment, we asked Alpine for specifics on the new decks that offer Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res screens and wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. The answers follow:

All of the new decks may be used as an analog source with the new F#1 Status system.

The HDMI output included on the decks is a passthrough. The HDMI output volume is not adjustable.

At launch Maestro features will be the same as current Halo models. But the radios will have the ability to expand Maestro feature content through over-the-air updates as they are released.

You can pair multiple Bluetooth devices to the new radios and toggle between devices

All of the models have Hi-Res 720P displays.

All the radios have improved anti-glare over earlier generations.

The KTX-NS01 navigation add-on module uses multiple mapping platforms.

Alpine said it will hold dealer trainings on the new products.




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