Alpine Ships New Ultra High End System

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Alpine Ships Ultra High End Car Audio System

Alpine Electronics announced it is shipping the third generation of its ultra high end AlpineF#1Status system.

Alpine called the new $35,000 system, the first complete premium car audio system to reproduce Hi-Resolution Audio. The new F#1Status is also the first to reproduce 384kHz/32bit Hi-Res Audio playback, far above the usual top spec of 192kHZ/24bit for Hi-Res Audio and 17 times the amount of digital data in a compact disc.

Alpine called the system, the ” pinnacle of car audio,” claiming it can capture details such as the breath of the artist and other nuances heard in live audio performances.

To achieve the new Hi-Res capability, Alpine partnered with Astell & Kern to create a custom, portable Digital Audio Player (DAP) for the F#1Status. The DAP can hold up to 780 Hi-Res files and is compatible with many audio formats (.Wav, .Flac, AAC, etc.).

The DAP connects directly with the system’s old-style head unit via USB, which sends digital content to the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) via a custom A2B data bus to support Hi-Res Audio. The DAP can also be used as a standalone audio player.

The system’s DSP has the processing power of a high end computer, running at up to 1GHZ/64bit. It includes a high-performance crystal clock that guides all the components in the system without timing errors (jitter).  It helps to ensure that music from the speakers arrives at the listener’s ears at the same time.

Next is a 4-channel amplifier that allows a full 8 volts to be sent with “virtually no noise.”

All the speakers in the 4-way system use the same Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic material.  They include an 11” subwoofer, pairs 6.5” midbass speakers, 2.5” mid-range speakers, and 1” tweeters.

For those who want to customize the F#1Status, users can swap in a different head unit, including a factory deck. An additional 11” subwoofer is available if more bass is desired at a street price of $2,600 (sold separately).

Again, this is Alpine’s third version of the F#1Status. The first, in 2001, centered on a CD player, and the second, in 2004, shifted to DVD, while this third generation focuses on Hi-Res Audio.

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  1. It’s definitely nice to see another manufactures produce a halo product such as this. Even if they are not sold often it creates higher customer perceived value to everything else in the line and in our industry. Thank you Alpine!

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