Pioneer’s First Major Over the Air Software Update

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Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX

Pioneer Electronics has issued its first feature-driven “over the air” software update for its newer NEX radios.

The update does not require a thumb drive, but is enabled through the Pioneer CarAVassist app.  It lets users access the Internet for Alexa functions without requiring a hotspot or needing to activate the hotspot on a phone.  Internet access is automatic through the CarAVassist app, which can run in the background.

Also, the Pioneer radios will show weather and sports scores without the need to enable a hotspot.

For newer radios with 9-or 10.1-inch screens, the update permits Apple CarPlay split screen functions, enabling the user to simultaneously display and control both the CarPlay UI and Pioneer audio sources, so you might see a navigation map as well as tuner presets, for example.

Users whose vehicle support HVAC controls through iDatalink Maestro RR2 will also get simpler access to temperature settings without fully exiting the Apple CarPlay UI.

For Canadians, the update provides Alexa support for Canadian French.

Pioneer offered an earlier over the air update for minor changes affecting “stability” but the newest over the air update is the first to impact radio features.

Effective November 30, the update applies to the following Pioneer radios:

  • 6.8” 2020+ wireless connectivity NEX receivers:
    • DMH-W4600NEX
    • DMH-W4660NEX
    • DMH–WC5700NEX
  • 9” and 10.1” 2020+ wireless connectivity NEX receivers:
    • DMH–WC6600NEX
    • DMH–WT76NEX
    • DMH–WT7600NEX
    • DMH–WT8600NEX

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