MSC Hosts Sold Out Trainings

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MSC Holds Audio Trainings

Press Release: MESA, AZ–MSC is proud to announce the completion of the latest session of its “Fit it, Tune it, Turn it” training classes held here. With 8 sold out sessions between July and November of this year, MSC gathered over 60 specialty mobile electronics retail partners from across the United Sates at their Training Lab in Mesa, Arizona. Canadian dealer partners were hosted at the MSC facility in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

MSC represents BLAM, Brax, Helix, Match and Stinger Radar in North America.

“Understanding how a modern OEM infotainment system functions is a key part of our training,” said Jason Digos of MSC.

Hands on sessions included real-world demonstrations of electrical signal measurements using Audiotec Fischer’s DSP products and their highly intuitive DSP PC Tools software. This included how to use the ISA (Input Signal Analyzer) function of the platform to easily establish the existence of all pass filters, time alignment, equalization and other signal processing happening to the audio signals in many of today’s modern vehicles.

After gaining a firm understanding on the importance of OEM signal analysis and how to use that information to establish the system design, DSP tuning became the next focus. Lead by Chris Van Ry, MSC covered an in-depth software run through before presenting MSC’s Tuning for Profit tuning method. This scalable concept was built around the Audiotec Fischer DSP products and is used every day in MSC’s retail facility in Calgary, Alberta. MSC’s process allows dealers of all experience levels to quickly, predictably and repeatably tune cars to a point that will provide an amazing listening experience to their client. “We wanted to have all of the players in our partner’s stores to be able to understand the tuning process and be able to implement this process,” said Chris.

The educational elements are always important, but MSC and the crew made sure to include some socializing and fun along the way as well, with unique dining experiences, live music, and great networking.

MSC will soon announce upcoming dates for classes starting in 2022. Be sure to register early as these are “limited seating” engagements. Also plan to visit the MSC booth at the MasterTech Expo March 6th- 9th 2022. Watch for details on all the exciting things planned for this event!

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