First ESCORT Detector With Dashcam

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First ESCORT Detector with Dashcam

ESCORT launched the company’s first radar detector to include a dash camera for video as well as radar protection.

Embedded in the portable MAXcam 360c radar detector is a quad HD video dashcam that captures 78 percent more pixels than a 1080P camera, said ESCORT.

ESCORT’s sister company, Cobra, has sold a radar detector with built in dashcam (the Road Scout Elite) for the past two years, though ESCORT says the MAXcam is a higher end offering with superior features and performance.

The new MAXcam links to the company’s Drive Smarter app that lets drivers share alerts (over 100 million alerts shared annually).

The dashcam uses a Sony Starvis sensor and it works in low light conditions. Video can be sent to the cloud via WiFi or saved to a 16 GB SD card. Video can also be edited and shared in real time. Additional features include continuous loop recording, integrated G-sensor, parking mode and emergency Mayday Alert.

As a radar detector, the MAXcam has front and rear antennas, and AutoLearn to filter out false alarms. It has an updatable filter to minimize interference from blind spot systems and advanced safety features in other cars.  Arrows show the direction of the alert.

The ESCORT MAXcam 360c is available on and for $849.95.

It is joined this week by a new M2 add-on dashcam that can be added to other ESCORT portable radar detectors, sharing the same power cord and mount.  This is the second generation of the add-on dashcam, adding GPS, a better camera and support for the Drive Smarter app.  The price is $199.95.


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