BOSS Elite to Upgrade Lineup

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BOSS Elite Upgrades Line

BOSS Elite and Planet PRO, after gaining share in the past 18 months, will add new features to their car radios.

In addition, BOSS will introduce larger screen sizes beyond its current 9- and 10.1-inch models.  Early next year, it will offer models with 11- and 13-inch screens at prices to be announced. Currently, the BOSS 10.1-inch head unit starts at $369 MAP.  Each 11- and 13-inch model will come in two versions– with and without a backup camera.

BOSS Elite and Planet PRO will also add features to their lines including improved wiring harnesses, higher voltage outputs, and SiriusXM capability.  The lines will include improved RCA inputs and outputs.  Steering wheel control capability will be expanded throughout the lines, and head units will get upgraded cable of 3 feet, compared to the earlier 18 inches.

The BOSS Elite brand launched three years ago and the Planet Pro line launched a few months ago.  Early next year will be the first time Planet Pro receives its own packing and graphics, which are different from the standard Planet Audio line.

Photo: BOSS 10.1-inch BE10ACP

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