New Planet Pro Brand From BIG

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BOSS International Group (BIG) is introducing a new Minimum Advertised Price–protected brand.  Called Planet Pro, it is a sister brand to the company’s Planet Audio line.

Planet Pro includes the top radio and amplifier models from the Planet Audio line initially, but the company will launch a new series with differentiated features in the fourth quarter.  This will include new head units, amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers.

DOW Technologies has already picked up the new line.

The launch follows increasing industry demand for CarPlay radios and the company’s success with the MAP-protected BOSS Elite line, launched about 5 years ago. “We have CarPlay inventory available. Not as much as we normally would have,” said BOSS National Sales Manager, Jason Hannon, noting that stocks could be depleted at any time in today’s chaotic environment.

“Brick and mortar dealers need that opening price point that’s protected with select distribution,” he said. “Dealers are profitable and continuing to grow. People that bought head units are coming back in and getting amplifiers and subwoofers. We as an industry are invigorating our customer base and we’re making sure we have the right product out there to do that,” Hannon added.


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